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      Work Zone Auto Trading Establish at 2005, formally called as Work Zone Auto Garage (2005-2008).

      Work Zone Auto Garage was a Performance Workshop Specialist in Modification / Repair & Service Local and Japanese Car.

      2008, Work Zone Auto Garage Transforming to After Market Car Parts Trading and Expanding from Ground Floor to 2 Storey shop lot at Petaling Jaya Sri Manja Square. Company name changed to Work Zone Auto Trading.

      2010, Work Zone Auto Trading Moving to 3 Storey Corner Shop Lot at Puncak Jalil, become Main Distributor for C-tech Racing Strut Bar for whole Malaysia market.

      2013, Work Zone Auto Trading Expanding to OEM / Genuine Car Parts Trading and moved to Bigger Space 3 Storey Semi D Factory which is current address in Taman Medan Petaling Jaya.

      2014, Work Zone Auto Trading created high customer traffic at few different online market places.


      11 Street

      2017, Work Zone Auto Trading Transforming Business Concept to Online Mega Store concept for Automotive Parts Field.