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    X-1R Diesel Treatment Additive 240ml
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    X-1R Diesel Treatment Additive 240ml

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    Weight: 500 grams
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    Brand: X-1R
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    X-1R Diesel Treatment Additive 240ml - ZS

    1 Proven to effectively combat algae growth
    2 Improves fuel economy
    3 Cleans fuel injector systems
    4 Removes moisture from fuel tank and lines
    5 Environmentally friendly
    6 Restores lost power
    7 Reduces harmful emission and carbon deposits
    8 Dramatically reduces friction
    9 Removes carbon and ash built up
    10 Boosts Cetane
    11 Stops engine run-on

    Restoring your vehicles performance to a “like-new”condition has never been so easy. X-1R Diesel System Treatment contains Injector Cleaner, Power Booster, Valve Protector, Upper Cylinder Lubricant, Carbon Eliminator, Moisture Eliminator and Fuel Stabiliser which when combined with Strong Detergents and Deposits Control Agents will clean and keep clean the entire fuel delivery system and combustion chamber when used at regular intervals. With a clean fuel system you will benefit from a more efficient combustion process that will use less petrol to deliver more power.

    This unique formula, containing powerful synthetic cleaners, is proven to effectively combat the growth and build up of algae in your diesel system. In addition to this X-1R Diesel System Treatment will also remove the power robbing carbon and ash deposits allowing you to enjoy the increased power from a cleaner system. X-1R Diesel System Treatment will not harm Computers, Catalytic Coverters or Oxygen Sensors. Simply pour it into your diesel tank following the directions below. By cleaning your fuel system and thereby reducing exhaust emmissions you are helping us create a cleaner environment.

    Pour entire contents of Diesel System Treatment bottle into diesel tank. One bottle will treat up to 100 litres of diesel. For optimum performance repeat every 5,000 kilometers or 3 months.

    Keep out of reach of children.
    Contact a physician if taken internally.

    1 For best results pour into your fuel tank and then pump fuel
    2 240ml will treat up to 100 litres of fuel
    3 We recommend that you treat at least 20 litres of fuel
    4 For best results use every 5000km’s or three months
    5 Using this product will remove all carbon build up and give about a 2% improvement in fuel efficiency

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