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      Liqui Moly Underbody Protection Black Coat 1L
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      Liqui Moly Underbody Protection Black Coat 1L

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      SKU: LQM-ADITIV-00014
      Weight: 1 kg, 0 grams
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      Brand: LIQUI MOLY
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      Liqui Moly Underbody Protection Black Coat 1L
      Articlenumber: 2894
      For coating repaired parts such as fenders, wheel arches, underbodies, sills and front and rear aprons. For deadening wheel housings and for sealing and covering repaired spots.
      Bitumen-free corrosion protection that forms an elastic protection layer, with good anti-drone action and very high abrasion resistance. Can be painted and is fast drying. Good adhesion on cleaned underbodies and painted surfaces. High amount of solids content.
      Product Name SKU Bundle languages
      Underseal, black 6114 1 l Can sheet metal D-GB-F-I-E-NL-P
      Underseal, black 2894 1 l Can sheet metal D-DK-FIN-N-S
      Pallet Unit 600
      Application The surfaces which have to be treated with underseal must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Rust must be removed. The surfaces must be dry and free of wax, dirt and grease and extensively free of dust.
      Underseal can be applied using the UBS spray gun, Part no. 6219 or the pressure-feed spray gun, Part no. 6220 with an operating pressure of 2 - 8 bar depending on the spray pattern desired.
      Shake contents of can vigorously before use.
      Do not leave containers open as the material will form a skin on the surface.
      The coating material can be applied to vertical surfaces with wet film thicknesses of up to 1.5 mm. It is better to proceed in cross patterns to avoid spray shadowing.
      The vehicle is ready for driving after about 1-2 hours, depending on the weather conditions and coating thickness. Final through-drying takes approx. 12 hours. The coating may be painted over with commercially available vehicle paints (conventional and water-based) under the following conditions: - after the coating has dried for at least 12 hours, "pre-mist" the paint thinly
      - do not apply the final coat of paint until the pre-coat has begun to dry
      - final oven drying can be carried out at 60 °C.
      Content 1L
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